Posted by: manzen | February 20, 2014

Metal Clay: What is it all about?

Interesting new material! Can’t wait to try this myself.

Sandra Elizabeth York

By Sandra Elizabeth York

There seems to be a prevalent negative view of Precious Metal Clays, which I believe is undeserved. I have spoken to people who have been turned off by broken pieces, who believe that it is not real silver, and who believe that using Metal Clays is considered cheating. This is not the case.

Silver Metal Clay was originally developed by Mitsubishi, the car manufacturer, after they found that they were collecting a large amount of recycled silver, mostly from the film industry. They developed a way to break the silver down into a fine powder, to which they added water and a binding agent that would burn off in high heat. Like any new product, their original formula had issues. Since then, they have developed two other, more advanced lines of Silver Metal Clay.

There are some necessary handling considerations when you’re dealing with Metal Clay…

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